It feels like you are always with me on these long nights in another lonely city. You're right here, right now.

London, Paris, Tokyo
Thinkin' of you wherever I go
and I close my eyes
You're by my side
A thousand miles can't keep us apart
Your tender words serenade my heart
And you keep me smiling, perfect timing

I wish that you were here with me tonight

See I've travelled all around the world now
And I've seen so many beautiful girls now
But somehow, no one ever comes close to you
You know I've been to many different places
And I've seen so many pretty faces
But baby, no one ever comes close to you
Close to you, close to you

Postat av: bells (:

alltså.. vi kan bara säga att jag fastnat på the club is alive. och den är inte ens speciellt bra?

<3 pus!

2010-05-14 @ 11:24:57

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